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Dog mouth cover

Company:Wenzhou Gongshoudao Internet Technology Co., Ltd.
Business Scope:Collars, leashes, doghouses

Company:Wenzhou Haqi Internet Technology Co., Ltd.
Business Scope:Collars, leashes, doghouses

Company:Wenzhou warmpet Pet Supplies Co., Ltd.
Business Scope:Pet toys, pet medical collars, pet mouthpieces, massage bath brushes, pet bowls and drinking fountains, etc.

Company:Pingyang Spoil-You Pets Internet Technology Co., Ltd.
Business Scope:Pet supplies, doghouses, dog collars, dog leashes

Company:Zhejiang Yimi Pet Products Co., Ltd.
Business Scope: PET FOOD/DOG CHEWS

Product Description:

The ergonomic design allows the dog to wear comfortably. 

The design of the connectable collar increases safety. 

The fixed strap on the top allows the crazy dog to escape. 

Even the Basqueville Hound-Sherlock Holmes story in the darkness. Available in 6 sizes to suit most breeds of dogs. 

This mask provides full coverage and protection, but at the same time ensures that the pet's breathing and drinking water are not affected.


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