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Fascia gun

The fascia gun is a vibration principle that relaxes by self-adjustment of the muscles and fascia by vibration.

How to use a fascia gun: 

◆ Position ◆

Try to be in a position that can relax and stabilize. For example, don't sit on the thigh and relax with a fascia gun. You can relax your thighs in a more stable place, thus improving the relaxation effect.

◆Strength ◆

In terms of strength, try not to just relax the fascia gun just by sticking to the skin, let the force penetrate a little deeper to reach the muscle layer, and then stay for a while until it resonates with the muscles, repeating the vibration for more than ten times, and then Relax along this muscle back and forth.

◆Usage part ◆

The most suitable part for self-relaxation is the muscles on the anterior and lateral thighs. For example, many small partners with imbalanced forces between the medial and lateral muscles of the quadriceps will have a good effect with the fascia gun to relax the tight part.