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Head massager

The head massager restores physical strength to the brain through massage. Head Massager Soothing Relaxation Mode Helps the brain quickly relieve stress and tightness with a tight, continuous air pressure massage. It massages the cerebral cortex, activates cell vitality, and brain nerves. It has the effect of maintaining the brain, and has certain effects on dizziness, headache, neuralgia, and insomnia.


Temple: Eliminate fatigue, headache, effectively boost the spirit and improve the response.

Yangbai Point: Eliminate eye fatigue;

Baihui Point: Eliminate headache, dizziness, hangover, insomnia, anxiety and other symptoms, effectively lowering blood pressure.

Wind pool hole: eliminate headache, dizziness, neck stiffness, insomnia, eye fatigue and other symptoms

Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that the heads of the twelve meridians of the Zhuyang Classics, the ones that pass through the Baimai, are the masters of the body and play an extremely important leading role in controlling and regulating the life activities of the human body.

Regular head massage, through the active, the brain has a healthy brain, clear and clear effect. At the same time, improve blood circulation in the brain, increase oxygen uptake in the brain, benefit the function regulation of the cerebral cortex, improve brain function, enhance memory, relieve fatigue, eliminate tension and anxiety, and make the brain regain sufficient energy and strength.