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Intelligent Thermal Eye Beauty Apparatus EY-A036

Company:Zhejiang Luyao Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.
Business Scope: Professional design, development and production of "massage stick", "foot bath", "massage cushion", "pedicure machine" and "small gifts", etc.

Company:Wenzhou Enjoy Technology Co., Ltd.
Business Scope: A high-tech company specializing in the design, development and sales of health electronic products

Company:Wenzhou Gaowei supply chain Co., Ltd.
Business Scope: Massage equipment

Company:Wenzhou Xubo Electric Appliances Co., Ltd.

Company:Wenzhou Pangao Fitness Equipments Co., Ltd.

Company:Wenzhou Junchang Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.

Company:Zhejiang Lichang Dietary Supplement Technology Co., Ltd.


Product Name: Intelligent Thermal Eye Beauty Apparatus

Product Material: ABS + Silica Gel

Built-in battery: 800mAH 3W

Number of boxes: 70

Color box size: 18*7*6.5cm

Product weight: 220g

Outer case size: 56*32.5*41cm


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