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Pet Supplies Companies
Market survey reveals that high-and middle-income families often keep pets and among them 78% who have higher education background have the awareness of rational pet keeping. They often choose to dress up their pets like people, for example pet collars, belts, pet grooming, pet clothing, pet training, and daily use products for pets.

Wenzhou Gongshoudao Network Technology Co., Ltd.
The company sells Pingyang's pet products, such as collars, leashes, kennels, etc., and sells them abroad. Mainly through AliExpress, offline B2B and other channels.
The main markets are Russia, the United States...

Pingyang Spoil-You Pets Internet Technology Co., Ltd
Pingyang Chongyou Home Network Technology Co., Ltd. mainly deals in pet supplies, doghouses, dog collars and dog leashes. The product quality is good, the style is novel, and the price is affordable. The products are mainly...

Wenzhou Haqi Network Technology Co., Ltd.

Yimat Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to becoming a leader in the pet supplies industry and constantly innovating and reforming. The quality and packaging of the product itself are kept perfect and as perfect as possible...

Wenzhou Midalli Pet Products Co., Ltd.

Wenzhou Midalli Pet Products Co., Ltd. has been committed to research, development, innovation and development of pet toys, pet medical collars, pet mouth covers, massage bath brushes, pet bowls and drinking fountains for...


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