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Pet water bowl not wet mouth

Company:Wenzhou Gongshoudao Internet Technology Co., Ltd.
Business Scope:Collars, leashes, doghouses

Company:Wenzhou Haqi Internet Technology Co., Ltd.
Business Scope:Collars, leashes, doghouses

Company:Wenzhou warmpet Pet Supplies Co., Ltd.
Business Scope:Pet toys, pet medical collars, pet mouthpieces, massage bath brushes, pet bowls and drinking fountains, etc.

Company:Pingyang Spoil-You Pets Internet Technology Co., Ltd.
Business Scope:Pet supplies, doghouses, dog collars, dog leashes

Company:Zhejiang Yimi Pet Products Co., Ltd.
Business Scope: PET FOOD/DOG CHEWS

Product Description:

According to the principle of automatic lifting, separate suspension design, how much to drink. 

Made of environmentally friendly ABS material, resistant to tearing and biting. 

The humanized design of the lower groove makes it easy to take the basin, the lines are smooth, and the fashion is beautiful. 

Size: 22*17*9 cm Capacity: 1000 ml Material: ABS resin


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