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Shawl massager

Easy to carry, easy to operate, safe and reliable, there is a micro-computer control system, like a masseur, with a variety of tapping modes, using the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, through the beaten massage to improve blood circulation, blood circulation, eliminate toxins, relax Nervous muscles, relieve pain, and eliminate fatigue. Regular use can improve the nervous system, digestive system, immune system and circulatory system functions. It can enhance cell viability and promote metabolism. Set a variety of massage methods to let you enjoy the comfort of a massage.

Structural features of the massage shawl:

1, automatic timing: automatically shut down after 10 minutes of operation;

2, the intensity is adjustable: the massage intensity can be adjusted at will;

3. It is forbidden to use when the face and hair are wet;

4, safe and reliable: internal temperature control protection device;

5, easy to use: adjust the tapping position at any time;

Massage shawl function:

1. Effectively help to eliminate pain in the cervical spine, back, waist and legs;

2. Adjust muscle tension, relieve tension, and quickly eliminate fatigue;

3, regular use can improve the nervous system, digestive system, immune system and circulatory system functions;

4, can enhance cell viability and promote metabolism;

The advantages of massage shawls:

Massage shawl massage point analysis

Massage shawl massage point analysis

1. Free hands and percussive massager, can be used in any part of the neck, shoulders, waist and legs that you want to massage, so that your muscles are sore and give you unprecedented comfort and health.

2. Rhythmic sniper massage can improve blood circulation, relax tight muscles, improve nerve and immune system functions, and promote quality sleep.

3. The product is based on the Japanese Taiko concept. At the same time, it creates a new agitation rhythm beat massage, with a comfortable and fit body contour, which gives you a more comprehensive, better effect and more relaxing massage.

The principle of massage shawl:

Fatigue and soreness are caused by local qi and blood. This product accelerates blood circulation by beaten massage, improves blood circulation, promotes blood circulation, eliminates toxins, relaxes tight muscles, relieves pain, and eliminates fatigue. The pain point is reflected in the meridians, the general rule is not painful, the pain is nowhere, and the strength of the beating is suitable for your own comfort.

Applicable people for massage shawls:

This product is suitable for patients, the elderly, housewives, office workers, students, people after exercise, but also for people with cervical, back, waist and leg pain; fatigue, nervousness, low immunity, etc. .